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An image of now on Superstition Mountain. Snow and cold weather turn otherwise hibernating pests into winter pests.

“Winter Pests” Are Bugging Phoenix’s Winter Visitors

Welcome back, winter visitors! Many of you have been back for a little while now. But whether you’re just getting here or completely settled you’ve likely noticed some unwanted squatters in your homes. This is because your winter home has been vacant for several months with no threats to insects. As a result, they have taken the opportunity to set up shop, eat, and breed! As you unpack, you may notice the scurryings of a variety of creepy crawlies including scorpions, spiders, cockroaches, crickets, and even rodents roaming throughout your home and yard.

An image of trees, a lawn, and homes on a residential street. Winter pests definitely lurk in those homes.

A serene winter scene in Gilbert, Arizona. Homes like those pictured are perfect for hibernating bugs.

What is it that brings these bugs out from hiding?

These bugs aren’t normally considered winter pests. In most regions of the country, they hibernate this time of year. That’s what brought them to your quiet, closed-up home. But all of the new activity you’ve brought back with you has disturbed them, so they’re inevitably coming out from hiding. And if you’re seeing them out in the open in and around your property, it’s very likely that they’re also hiding behind and under your appliances and furniture! The more active you and your family are around your house, the more they will come out. And since it is the holiday season, when many people host their family and friends in their homes, the increased activity is bound to flush them out.

An image of a scorpion as seen under a black light. This is the best way to locate scorpions when looking for winter pests in your home.

A scorpion as seen under a black light.

What can I do to bring winter pests under control?

If this problem sounds familiar, we recommend our residential pest control service. We will treat your home inside and out on a monthly basis to bring those pests under control. At the very least, we recommend a treatment on the first and last month of your seasonal visit, to help keep these winter pests at bay. Additionally, there are two practices you can adopt to help prevent them from invading to begin with:

    1. Keep your living area and property cleaned up and free of clutter. This helps eliminate extra hiding places for them to inhabit.

    2. Properly seal your home before leaving for the warmer months, to make it more difficult for them to get in.

Are termites active in Arizona in the winter?

Absolutely! Termites are a persistent threat here in the Valley, whether you’re a winter visitor or a year-round resident. (See this excellent article about termites in the Phoenix area.) It is extremely important to have a termite inspection done at least once a year to minimize the likelihood of a termite infestation.

Whatever your pest control problem, Absolute Exterminating is here to help explain your options and create a solution that best suits you!