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Chandler and Gilbert, two neighboring areas in the southeastern area of the valley, feature a variety of beautiful up-scale residential communities, quaint but lively downtown areas, mobile homes, and even farms, ranches, and dairies! Such a wide, expansive area combined with such a variety of terrains, types of homes, and land uses brings a matching array of potential pest problems. As a result, pest control in Chandler-Gilbert presents some unique challenges.

The residential communities located throughout both areas offer several attractive amenities: country clubs, community pools, community parks, sports centers, and more. Sounds like a good time, right? Unfortunately, bugs and rodents think so too, because these communal areas and features often include large bodies of water, dense vegetation, and large trash and recycle bins. Pests of all types and sizes (but primarily ants, flies, bees, spiders, cockroaches, and mosquitos) flock from all around to find food and shelter, and also to reproduce! With nothing to stop them from spreading, homes located in close proximity to these areas are also at high risk of infestation.

Farms and ranches present their own unique set of pest control nuances. For example, these types of areas usually involve large land areas covered in moist dirt and animal waste – prime conditions for attracting a variety of pests, including flies, worms, mosquitos, ticks, beetles, cockroaches, and many more! Once they arrive, they take up shop, eat, and reproduce, eventually spreading in and around your home. What’s more, fertilizers, animal feed, water buckets and dishes, and other farm staples can escalate the problem even further! Farm animals and pets also attract ticks and fleas that prey on their blood (and that of yours and your family’s, if you let the problem get that bad). However, farm animals and plants also require special considerations when treating for pest infestations to ensure the chemicals and techniques used will not harm them. The professionals at Absolute Exterminating have the experience, skills, and tools necessary to address pest concerns without harming your animals (be they pets, fowl, or livestock). Try our monthly residential pest control service today!

Both Chandler and Gilbert have their fair share of mobile homes and older homes as well, which have high susceptibility to termite infestation. Termites can easily access mobile homes through the crawlspaces beneath them, as well as through cracks and worn structures of older homes. Contact us right away to take advantage of our free no-obligation annual residential termite inspections to keep your home termite-free!

Takeaway Points:

  • Community parks and pools offered by many residential communities have the potential to attract many different pests, causing problems for residents who use them as well as those who live near them. Try our monthly residential pest control service to keep them at bay!
  • Farms and ranches in the area are fertile grounds for insect infestation and reproduction, due to the water, animal feed and waste they tend to leave around.
  • All homes should be inspected annually for termites, whether signs of infestation are present or not, to minimize the chances of your home sustaining termite damage. We offer a free, no-obligation residential termite inspection – call us to schedule your inspection today!

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