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An image captured from a termite inspection of several termite tubes coming out of a concrete seam

“Should I Have A Termite Inspection On My House?”

The holiday season is finally over and everyone is back to work – including the termites in the area! While many of you were out enjoying the holidays, swarms of termites were breeding and eating their way through your homes. This isn’t particularly unusual. However, what is unusual is the rate of termite activity when compared to last year and previous years. It’s important to have a termite inspection annually to be aware of this activity. That way, you can prevent a termite infestation and the resulting damage in and around your home.

An image captured from a termite inspection of a termite tube climbing up a brick wall.

Notice the small termite tube between the carpet and the bottom of the brick wall. Remember to check ALL structures in your home, not just the ones made of wood!

Termite Inspection: Awareness is the key

Some of the signs of a termite presence in your home are obvious. They include wood damage, tubes found along walls or dangling from the ceiling, and the like. However, the absence of these signs does not necessarily mean an absence of termites. An annual professional termite inspection is vital to help you keep on top of termite activity! Fortunately, Absolute Exterminating offers a free residential termite inspection. Hopefully we will find nothing and you will be able to rest easy at no cost to you. But if we do find termites, we’ll explain your treatment options and help you select a treatment option that is best for you!

An image captured from a termite inspection of a termite tube climbing from the ground up an exterior wall.

Remember to check the walls from the outside too!

And don’t forget!

Termites aren’t the only bugs of concern in the Phoenix area. Though many bugs hibernate this time of year, it’s still possible to be overrun with cockroaches and other critters. They usually avoid areas with high human activity, but climate control (specifically, of the type found in your house) might just make it worth the risk for them. While we’re out for your termite inspection, we’ll keep an eye out for evidence of other pests in your home and advise you accordingly. If you think you might have a pest problem of any sort, give us a call!