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Pest Control

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We offer pest control services on either a monthly, every-other-month, or quarterly basis to residences and business all over central Phoenix and the East Valley! Our general pest control service will solve your light to moderate infestations of ants, cockroaches, scorpions, spiders, ticks, fleas, and other creepy crawlies.

Termite Treatment

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Existing-Structure Treatments: Treat either your entire home or business, or just the area found to be infested & Pre-Construction Treatments: This form of treatment involves the application of a termiticide to the bare ground before construction begins on a new home or structure.

Baits & Traps

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Baits and traps can be an extremely effective supplement to your regular pest control service. Our trained technicians will analyze your home and pest infestation problem to determine the best bait or trap locations. Your home will be free of vermin in no time, without compromise to the safety of your family, children, and pets!

Bees/Hive Removal

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Bees provide an important ecological service to humans and other animals. But if disturbed, the resulting sting may cause anywhere from a moderately painful experience to a severe allergic reaction! The potential danger will be magnified if the entire hive (or a large portion of it) joins in. If you notice a large population of bees, or if you believe you have a beehive near your residence, call us right away!


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Otherwise known as “winged rats”, these birds can leave quite an unsightly mess on your rooftops, fences, and other exterior surfaces around your property. Pigeon waste carries disease, fungi, and can aggravate the allergies of sensitive people. We offer a variety of pigeon solutions that we can tailor to your home, budget, and situation including roof spikes, and other deterrents. Call us now to schedule an inspection!

Weed Control

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Nothing ruins a beautiful landscape design more than an unwanted plant intruder, right? At Absolute Exterminating, we offer a two-tiered approach to rid you of your existing weeds, and to prevent the establishment and growth of future weeds! We will spray your yard down with a pre-emergent treatment to kill any ungerminated seeds in your yard and prevent them from sprouting before individually spraying all of the existing weeds with a burn-off treatment. Our weed service comes with a 6-month guarantee!

Cracks & Crevice

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In addition to our general pest control service, some infestations (heavy cockroach infestations in particular) require the cracks and crevices leading into the home, and within the home itself, to be specially treated. The technicians at Absolute Exterminating have the expertise you can trust to get the job done!

Lawn Fertilization

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The Arizona sun can be pretty hard on your lawn and garden. Water alone is often not enough to get the soft green grass and lush foliage may residents strive for. If yard work has your green thumb turning red and blistered, give our fertilization service a try! Your yard will become the envy of your neighborhood in no time.