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Nestled in the far southeast region of the Valley of the Sun, the town of Queen Creek and the neighboring area of San Tan Valley encompass a large and fairly remote area of farmland, new residential communities, golf resorts, and open desert. Among the fastest growing areas in the metropolitan Phoenix area, both the population and housing are booming! Lots of new construction means that centipedes, scorpions, spiders, ants, and other native pests are moving into the new homes being built on their old stomping grounds. It may take years for pests to move out of these newly developed residential communities! Luckily, our monthly residential extermination service is all you need to keep these pests under control. We bring decades of experience and take a specialized approach to pest control in Queen Creek – San Tan Valley.

But new homes aren’t the only concern. Golf courses, like those found in Johnson Ranch, no doubt attract golfers of all levels of skill and interest. But before you tee off in hopes of making a hole in one, make sure that hole is a bona fide golf hole! Those gophers can be tricky. But seriously – gophers can cause serious problem just about anywhere, but especially so in golf courses, farms, and gardens. They cause chaos underground, creating unsightly (and potentially dangerous) pits, holes and tunnels in the ground below. If you suspect you have gophers on your property, don’t wait until you’ve lost half of your garden or until you’re visiting your doctor for a twisted ankle – contact us right away! We’ll be out in no time to assess the situation and help you get rid of these and other rodents.

Lastly, if you’re considering building a new custom home in the area, don’t forget about our pre-construction termite treatments! Guaranteed for five years, they’ll help make sure your new home’s structure maintains its integrity and beauty without any interference from these wood-eating monsters.

Takeaway Points:

  • Experiencing rapid population growth and new home construction, the resulting displacement of native insects, rodents, and wildlife means a high likelihood of pest infestation of some type in your home for some time to come. Get scheduled for our monthly residential pest control service right away!
  • Golf courses, gardens, and other areas of high vegetation are magnets for gophers, among other intruders. Keep an eye out for gopher and rodents problems, and contact us as soon as you see any signs. We’ll help rid you of the problem before it gets out of control!
  • Our pre-construction termite treatments include a five-year guarantee, with the option to renew annually thereafter! With nearly 30 years of experience conducting pest control in Queen Creek – San Tan Valley, our professionals have the skills to meet all of your pest control needs!

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