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An image of a mousetrap set up to catch rodents

Rodents in PHX: What You Need To Know

With the cooling temperatures that come with the transition from summer to fall, more mice, rats, and other rodents will be seeking warm places to stay. Mobile homes with crawl spaces are prime harboring spots for them. If you live in a mobile home, rodent proofing involves securing areas where plumbing pokes through the flooring and walls and into fixtures in addition to the attic spaces common in traditional homes.

What about the ventilation system? Can’t rodents use those to get into my home?

Yes! Similar to crawlspaces, duct work and vents for heating, cooling, and even the clothes dryer can serve as vectors for a rodent infestation. And that’s in addition to the traditional entryways that you and your family use for your house! A door or window left ajar, frequent opening of doors caused by heavy foot traffic – all of these are common occurrences in the typical household, and all provide an opportunity for rodents to come in and set up shop.

An image of a mouse (one of many types of rodents) crawling up a rope

Rodents like to turn your house’s wiring and internal structures into their personal jungle gym.

What danger do rodents pose to humans?

Rodents spread a slew of diseases, and can pose a significant health hazard to yours and your family’s health. Read about what the Center for Disease Control has to say about them here.

What attracts rodents into my home?

Shelter, food, and water! If you’re also in the habit of leaving food items out in the open, or leaving dog food and water bowls filled up and accessible outside on the patio, you are only further enticing them to come in. So in addition to securing potential entry points and training the rest of your household to keep doors and windows closed, it may be necessary to set baits and traps to eliminate the pests on your property. But don’t just focus on the interior of your home – your yard and surrounding areas are where the problem starts. Be sure to keep trash and debris picked up regularly, so that you do not unintentionally provide hiding spots and shelter. And keep an eye out for signs of burrowing and tunneling in and around your yard.

By following these tips, you not only help ensure you do not develop a rodent infestation problem, but you also help protect you and your family members from other pests such as scorpions, spiders, and other insects since they enter your house the same way. Also, keep in mind that rodents are prey for snakes, so their presence on your property could attract snakes as well. And remember – we’re here to help! We are trained and experienced in treating rodent infestations and would be thrilled to inspect your rodent problem and help you decide on the best solution for your situation.