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When thinking of Scottsdale, most people probably think of fine dining, luxurious shopping, art galleries, and Old Town. But behind all of the glitz, glamour, and shopping lie the same conditions found in other areas of the Valley that attract those breeding, eating, biting, and (sometimes) stinging pests that everyone loves to hate! Our approach to pest control in Scottsdale helps it keep its reputation as the “most livable city” among its residents, but not its pests.

Scottsdale is home to a variety of types of homes: from the ornate and expansive to the quaint and historic. The Old Town (downtown) area, being the oldest part of town, experiences the same primary vulnerability as much of Phoenix and the western part of Mesa do: termite infestation. The lush residential landscaping and vegetation found throughout the southern half of the city are also a pest control concern. We look at them and see beautifully colorful floral arrangements, but bugs look at them and see dinner! As a result, they tend to attract the likes of bees, wasps, mosquitos, gnats, and their predators. Further, the water for the plants increases the attraction of these pests, and will cause weeds to sprout as well. (Speaking of weeds, be sure to contact us for information on our guaranteed weed control service!)

To the north, the city has continued to expand with newer homes on larger properties. Beside the gorgeous views of the surrounding desert, the mountainous terrain and newly developed land combine to present their own special set of pest challenges. The wildlife that inhabits the surrounding areas can carry parasitic pests like ticks and fleas, which may spread to your pets (and throughout your home!). These bloodsucking critters can carry diseases that are harmful to your pets and family, so it is vital to keep them under control. Fortunately, Absolute Exterminating’s monthly residential pest control service will do the trick!

Scottsdale is also distinct in its high proportion of luxurious townhomes and condominiums. These communities offer the benefits of a closed community and shared maintenance expenses. However, there’s a big drawback that can arise when your home and your neighbors’ home are built so closely together – your neighbor’s pest problems will usually also eventually become your problems, and vice versa. (It’s not very neighborly, but the bugs don’t care!) This is especially problematic with regard to both termites and cockroaches, due to both pests’ ability to reproduce rapidly. The termites will happily move to the wood in your walls and structure once they have gutted your neighbor’s, and roaches will gladly spread wherever the food may be. Be sure to keep an eye out throughout your entire complex or community for signs of pest infestation, not just your own townhome or condo. If you think you see signs of infestation around your complex, be sure to have your building management give us a call! And while you’re at it, you should give us a call too and take us up on our free annual residential termite inspection service. There’s no obligation, and we’ll help you make sure your townhome or condo stays termite free!

Takeaway Points:

  • Parks and elaborate residential landscaping may attract a slew of both insects and weeds due to their varieties of plants and the high amounts of water used to nourish them. Get set up for our monthly residential pest control service and our guaranteed weed service to cover all of your bases!
  • Wildlife found around newer home developments near the mountains of North Scottsdale may carry ticks and fleas, which could then transmit to your pests and household. (Ticks and fleas are covered by our residential pest control service!)
  • The prominence of townhomes, condos, and close-quarter living in Scottsdale highlights the importance of subscribing to our residential pest control service (and getting scheduled for our free residential termite inspection) to minimize the risk of being either the source or the recipient of an un-neighborly infestation! With nearly 30 years of experience conducting pest control in Scottsdale, our professionals have the skills to meet all of your pest control needs!

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