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The heart of the Valley of the Sun, Phoenix is replete with homes of charm, style, and close proximity to many of the sights, dining, and other attractions this awesome city has to offer. Unfortunately its homes also tend to be older, so they are generally prone to cracks and wear that make it easy for termites and other critters to infest. Termites pose a danger to any structure or item made of cellulose material, including the wood in your house and any stacks of old cardboard you might keep in or around it. Voracious wood eaters that they are, they burrow tubes into the home’s structure that you might see running along the surface of your walls or baseboards (on either the interior or exterior of your home), or even dangling from your ceiling! As the phrase goes, “When it comes to termites in Arizona, it’s not a matter of if but when!” So it’s extremely important to have your home inspected for termites every year. Contact us right away and take advantage of our free residential termite inspection! If we find termites in your home, we will discuss your treatment options with you and develop a treatment plan to best suit your needs and budget. If we do not find termites, you’ll know you can rest easy – as long as you keep up with those annual inspections! And termites are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to pest control in Phoenix.

Additionally, many Phoenix neighborhoods provide the convenience and cost-effectiveness of irrigation, helping to keep those lawns lush and green. But there’s also a downside – it creates the moist environment and resources that attract insects! This is because the water often sits for long periods without being treated or circulated, becoming a hotbed of organic material. Many pests are attracted to the extra moisture and the vegetation, which serve as both nourishment and shelter for them. And it doesn’t stop there – those pests attract even more dangerous pests that prey on them, such as scorpions and spiders! Unsurprisingly, a significant pest problem can develop very quickly and easily.

But even younger homes and those with desert landscaping, like those found in the Ahwatukee area, are vulnerable to these pests. Residents who live in one of the many lake communities around the Greater Phoenix area may experience similar problems, as may those with pools in their backyards. And whether you have a lawn or desert landscaping, ants (including carpenter ants, fire ants, and many other species) can pose a painful and irritating threat to your yard, home, and ankles!

Whatever kind of home, amenities, or landscaping you have, our monthly residential pest control service is just the ticket to help keep those creepy crawlies in check! Call us today!

Takeaway Points:

  • Older homes are particularly vulnerable to termite infestation, due to compromises in their structure due to age and years of wear from weather, etc.
  • Use of public irrigation systems as well as backyard pools and water structures in the yard are magnets for flies, mosquitos, ants, and other insects (and their predators!).
  • Desert landscaping is an attractive environment for ants, scorpions, certain types of spiders, and other pests, so be particularly careful when sitting on the ground or moving rocks around.
  • Don’t hesitate to call us for assistance if you suspect you have a pest problem! With nearly 30 years of experience conducting pest control in Phoenix, our professionals have the skills to meet all of your pest control needs!

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