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An image of termites in Arizona and their tubes sprawling out from a crack in concrete

Termites In Arizona – ‘Tis the Season!

Termites in Arizona – it’s not a question of “If?” but “When?”. The monsoon season is almost done, but its effects are far from over. All of that moisture in recent weeks has laid the groundwork for termites to flourish. The soil is softer and more moist, making it easier for them to build tubes and travel above ground. And as the temperatures continue to cool around the Valley, mature termite colonies will begin to wake up and seek out new food sources.

An image of termites building a tube that dangles from the ceiling.

Termites build exploratory tubes that may dangle from ceilings.

How You Can Protect Yourself Against Termites in Arizona

To protect against them, take extra care with the materials you leave around your home and property – anything that consists of cellulose is a potential target, including cardboard, paper, firewood and other materials. It’s important to keep your home and property properly picked up to help minimize the risk of an infestation. Garden and flower beds can be another problem area, so it’s best to maintain them away from the walls of your home, shed, and any other structures you might have. Termites have no problem climbing through the soil and mulch and into the cracks in your foundation and walls. You should also keep a watch on your water sources. Leaky faucets, air conditioning condensation drain lines, standing water around your yard, etc., are all contributors to the conditions that attract termites. Remember, they live in the Phoenix area too – they’re as thirsty as we are!

One Last Tip…

When keeping an eye out for evidence of termites, be particularly mindful of termite activity along the eastern wall of your home and structures. They tend to be the coolest and most attractive to termites. (And don’t forget our free residential termite inspections! It’s always best to obtain a professional inspection at least once a year to catch any infestations early and minimize any potential damage.)

Check out this article on termites for even more useful information about termites in Arizona, what you can do about them, and the types of professional-grade chemicals we use to get rid of them for you.