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An image of subterranean termites and their tubes found underneath a carpet

Subterranean Termites Strike Again!!

We are officially back in termite season as of the beginning of this month (aka “subterranean termites”). Termite season usually runs through May, so we have a long season in front of us.

Why do subterranean termites become active this time of year?

You may not think you have much in common with a termite, but you do have at least one thing. You probably seek shelter from the blistering summer heat. For the same reason, termite activity tends to taper down in the summer time. But in the fall, when the daytime temperatures start to fall and the days become cooler, termites begin to stir. The cooler evenings don’t hurt, either. Basically, the cooler it gets around the Valley, the more active termites tend to become. Add a little moisture to the equation (i.e., rain or humidity), and the problem becomes even worse!

How common are termites in the Valley?

Well, to put it simply, if you were to look at a map of the Valley indicating termite populations – the entire map would be colored to indicate the presence of termites. They are everywhere around here, plain and simple. If you haven’t had problems with them yet, you will. And if you’re not proactive about it, it’s likely to be costly both to treat them and to repair the damage. After all, the subterrerean termites in Arizona are among the most voracious eaters in the country.

There are about 350 colonies of termites per acre. This breaks down to approximately one colony per ten square feet, and colonies tend to move at random. In terms of damage, an established colony can eat up to five pounds cellulose material in a single week. That’s roughly equal to one six-foot 2 x 4! Altogether, termites damage costs Americans a total of several billion dollars each year.

Also, check out this local news clip about subterranean termites in the Valley.

How can I prevent a termite infestation?

Inspection! Inspection! Inspection! We recommend you have one done by a certified pest professional (like yours truly) at least once per year, or anytime you suspect an infestation. We’ll be happy to check your home and property for evidence of subterranean termites, help you evaluate your options, and put a stop to any termite activity we find in your home. Call us today! (You can also check out our other post for further information.)