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An image of a weather vane against a blue sky, a subtle hint that some types of weather brings more pests.

Changes in Weather Bring More Pests to the Valley

We’ve written a lot about recent weather and its impact on the pest population in the East Valley. Unfortunately that doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon. For example, forecasts are calling for a combination of unseasonably warmer weather and more rain in the next week. And as you’ve probably noticed, a big change in the weather brings more pests!

An image of the sun shining in the sky with clouds.

Sunshine is beautiful, but the heat that accompanies it can cause more pest problems.

Is it true that warm weather brings more pests?

Unseasonably warm weather can directly affect the gestation period of many insects. Crickets, earwigs, cockroaches, and many other types of insects will be propagating, so keep an eye out for them! And even mature insects are likely to want to come out and stretch their legs in the nice weather. Ants especially – be sure to watch out for any ant mounds in your yard, or ant trails leading into your door. Keep your house clean, your trash secured, and your pet food out of reach or they will invade. Their bites aren’t generally lethal or dangerous, but they can be annoying!

Warmer weather also wakes dormant vegetation up from dormancy. In other words, weeds are likely to start popping up in your yard. If you see them, pick them out while they’re small right away. But if they’ve already taken over your yard, it might be time to consider our guaranteed residential weed service!

An image of a spiderweb after rain, with rain drops lining the web.

Rain, the nourisher of life. Including insects and weeds!

Is it true that rainy weather brings more pests?

When considering the real impact of rain on local pest infestations, it’s important to consider the whole weather context. With rains also often come higher winds and humidity. All three components increase the likelihood of a pest problem dramatically. The increased moisture in both the ground and air nourishes weeds and most insects in general, helping them to thrive. Higher winds provide transportation for flying insects, spiders, and pollen and seed spores. (Many species of spiders use the wind to distribute their egg sacs to a wider area.)

The Bottom Line

In answer to both questions – YES! Both warm and wet weather can cause significant problems with weeds and pests. The effects are often apparent within days of a rain spell or a heat wave. They also tend to affect future seasons and even the following year if they stretch on for long enough. (Check out this article for more information on how weather affects pests nationwide.) It’s important to stay ahead of the curve and keep your eyes out for the first signs of an infestation. By keeping your living spaces and yard clean, well-maintained, and professionally serviced with our monthly residential pest control service, you’ll have no need to worry about any creepy crawlies taking over your home!