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An image of Phoenix with storm clouds hanging above it

“Just add water!”…to get Termites, Weeds, and Pests.

As you’ve probably noticed, the Phoenix area has seen a lot of rain in recent weeks. Summer’s right around the corner, so we hope you’re enjoying it while you can! But the extra moisture has a downside – it benefits termites, weeds, and household pets alike.

An image of a brick wall with a termite tube crawling up from the carpet.

Like the image above, you have to look closely for termite tubes. They may blend in with the surrounding wall or structure!


Due to the amount of rain in the winter, termite activity is expected to increase in the spring. This is because of the high amount of humidity and the higher dew point. Be sure to keep an eye out for termite tubes on the interior and exterior sides of your walls, and hanging from your ceilings. And don’t forget to take advantage of our free residential termite inspection offer!

An image of a dead dandelion weed plant

Dandelions can be pretty when in full bloom, but make no mistake. They are a weed and can be a real nuisance in your yard!


The moisture absorbed by the ground is the perfect nourishment for weeds, so expect an increase in the weed density in your yard as well. But not just in the short term. As temperatures begin to rise in the spring, that moisture will continue to sustain weed growth. We expect this trend to peak in April or May. The expression “grows like a weed” exists for a reason – weeds grow fast! They can take over a yard in no time if they are not brought under control right away. You’re welcome to pick them out yourself, of course. But if your problem is already out of control (or if you just want to spare yourself the back pain), we can take care of them for you! We will apply a professional-grade pre-emergent chemical to kill any seeds remaining in your soil. Then we will individually spray the existing weeds in your yard with a burn-off chemical, which will cause them to wilt within 24 hours.

An image of a spider hanging from its web on the ceiling of a home.

Spiders and other pests are expected to thrive this summer thanks in part to the rains this winter.

Household Pests

Lastly, the recent moisture serves to keep dormant insect eggs moist. For some types of insects, the moisture helps preserve or protect the eggs until they are ready to hatch. For others, it is a valuable source of nourishment for the larvae as soon as they are hatched. In either case, it helps them thrive – which means more pest problems for you. Accordingly, the usual housepests (cockroaches, spiders, scorpions, crickets, flies, etc.) are expected to be a particularly large problem this summer. You can help stymie this problem by keeping your home clean and free of clutter. However, a professional monthly service is your best bet to eliminate them altogether.