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An image of ants on an anthill in a rock yard.

Ants in the East Valley

Have you noticed the armies of ants coming out of hiding to share the beautiful warm weather with you and your family? Well, maybe not so much “share” as “eat your food and attack your ankles”. (No wonder they’re referred to as “armies”, right?) Aside from parks and picnic blankets, you’ve probably seen them marching frantically along your driveway and patio, gravel areas, lawn, and even in trees and bushes. Wherever you find them, they’re almost certainly in search for food, and they will happily invade yours if they can reach it. They’re not generally picky either – a couple of pieces of dropped or leftover dog or cat food can attract them onto your porch, and it’s not a far jump into your home from there. And though ants definitely have a sweet tooth, they have a taste for variety that includes greasy foods, vegetables, pasta, meat, plants, and more too!

Image of a piece of dog food covered in ants

Just one piece of dog food is all it takes to attract ants!

What attracts ants?


Colonies of red and black harvester ants, two common species found in the Valley, can usually be spotted by the mounds of dirt around your yard or gravel areas. Once they show up, they get right to work stripping foliage from plants and trees. Even more annoyingly, these and many other kinds of ants deliver either a painful bite or sting if they come in contact with you! The pain is usually more of a nuisance than anything to most people (unless you’re allergic, a situation that can require medical attention), but it can still spoil an otherwise good time. There are several things you can do to avoid being infested with ants:

  • Clean up thoroughly after food or drink spills;
  • Keep your food securely stored and out of their reach, especially sugar and other sweet items;
  • Keep your windows and doors closed and sealed as much as possible;
  • Be mindful of water sources, especially water dishes left out for pets;
  • Keep an eye out in your yard for ant mounds and, if you find any, get them treated right away!

If that doesn’t solve the problem…

And if you still find yourself with a pesky ant problem, be sure to give us a call! We offer a variety of approaches depending on the nature of your infestation. We’ll evaluate the severity of your situation, locate the source, and help you decide on the best solution for you! And once we’ve got the main problem taken care of, our monthly pest control service will keep you ant-free for good.

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